Max Weber and Bono in a godless world (Sunday Sociological Song)

Famously, Max Weber discribed himself as religiously “unmusical”. So, it might come as a surprise that I picked him for this Sunday Sociological Song episode focusing on religion (or lack thereof). Fact is, early this week I had the chance to listen to a good episode of BBC Radio 4’s Thinking allowed discussing the weberian notion of disenchantment (Entzauberung) and… well, that was such a refreshing break from the usual xenophobic newscasts and crappy programmes about the farming of berries in Great Britain which represent so much of BBC Radio 4 everyday schedule, that I decided to celebrate by choosing a song to illustrate that. And I also decided to venture outside my comfort zone, by choosing a song by U2 – a band that  (and that’s an understatement) I was never fond of. But, you know, all that talk about a man wondering in an urban setting, missing his “inner beauty” (or is it Grace?),  arguing  that “blessings are not just for the ones who kneel”… I like to think that it’s all kinda reminescent of old Max’s “dialectics of disenchantment and reenchantment”. Better this than surrendering to the idea of just another song about Bono trying to get laid.