Who's fatter, the US or Europe?

Just a very quick post (more of a reminder actually). Here’s a picture of the US obesity situation, state per state.

Source: U.S. Centers for Disease Control, Aug. 3, 2010

Now you can come up with all your favourite explaining factors: soul food? income level? music style? Pick one. Hold onto it. And now, let’s have look at the situation in the European Union, nation per nation, and… (more…)

Melbourne workshop on HCI and sustainable food culture

Hungry 24/7? HCI Design for Sustainable Food Culture, OZCHI 2009, Melbourne

Call for Participation

24 Nov 2009, The University of Melbourne

This workshop proposes to explore new approaches to cultivate and  support sustainable food culture in urban environments via human  computer interaction design and ubiquitous technologies.

Food is a  challenging issue in urban contexts: while food consumption decisions  are made many times a day, most food interaction for urbanites occurs  based on convenience and habitual practices. This situation is  contrasting to the fact that food is at the centre of global  environment, health, and social issues that are becoming increasingly  immanent and imminent. As such, it is timely and crucial to ask: what  are feasible, effective, and innovative ways to improve human-food-interaction through human-computer-interaction in order to contribute  to environmental, health, and social sustainability in urban  environments?

This workshop is an open and active forum for forward- thinking practitioners and scholars across disciplines to discuss this  question, and plan and promote individual, local, and global change  for sustainable food culture.

YOU DO NEED TO BE HUNGRY (for networking, knowledge, creativity, fun, and of course, food!)