“Anamia” social networks and online privacy: our Sunbelt XXXII presentations (Redondo Beach, March 18, 2012)

[This is a joint post with Paola Tubaro’s Blog]

So, here we are in the (intermittently) sunny state of California for Sunbelt XXXII, the International Network for Social Network Analysis (INSNA) annual conference. This year the venue is Redondo Beach and the highlights are both old and new stars of social network analysis:  David Krackhardt, Tom Valente, Barry Wellman, Emmanuel Lazega, Anuška Ferligoj, Ron Burt, Bernie Hogan, Carter Butts, Christina Prell, etc.

Here are our presentations, both delivered on Sunday 18th, March 2012.


Friendship on Facebook: an ethno-computational approach (Sunbelt XXX presentation)

Very happy to put online our powerpoint presentation – just delivered at Sunbelt international conference, world’s biggest conference on social network analysis. Thank you to Ilan Talmud (who chaired our session),  to the colleagues, to FB “friends” and to tweeps attending. Great feedback from the room, from Twitter, and even had Barry Wellman blowing a kiss when I mentioned his “little boxes”…