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Hitler, Claude Lévi-Strauss, and the fading legitimacy of academic institutions

By Antonio A. Casilli (Centre Edgar-Morin, EHESS) [1]

Another day, another Hitler parody video. This one (courtesy of is a rant about the rise of digital scholarship –  a subjet I cherish and occasionally deal with in my seminar. The German dictator, now reborn as a grotesque Internet meme, highlights the existing cultural divide between the up-and-coming Internet-savvy “junior” scholars and the ageing generation of paper-intensive, book-prone professors and researchers. Bitterly, he claims academic teaching is “a dying profession” (why he’s not the only one: check here and here).

“We were great once”, cries Hitler, voicing the disappointment of old time academics. “A proud institution. We controlled knowledge: we told everyone what and how to think. Now (…) we spend our time propping up our fading legitimacy”.


Colloque sur l'histoire à l'heure du numérique (Luxembourg)

Comment faire de l’histoire à l’heure du numérique ? Quels sont les nouveaux outils que l’historien a à sa disposition ? Le colloque L’histoire contemporaine à l’ère digitale vient de s’achever à l’Université du Luxembourg (Sanem / Luxembourg-Ville) – une plongée de 3 jours dans les digital humanities, une discipline très prometteuse.

Vous en trouvez un compte rendu à cette adresse. Bonne lecture.

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