evgeny morozov

Dictators, democracies, and technology: Evgeny Morozov's keynote speech at #28c3 (Berlin, 12.27.11)

This is the pre-release video of Evgeny Morozov’s keynote speech Marriage From Hell: On the Secret Love Affair Between Dictators and Western Technology Companies delivered on dec. 27th, 2011 at the 28c3, 28th Chaos Communication Congress “Behind Enemy Lines”.

Why sanctions on technology companies who do business with totalitarian countries are ineffective? How much know-your-customer rule should we delegate to technologies? Did the Arab Spring end censorship and Web filtering in the Middle-East and North Africa? Are Russia, China and Western democracies becoming more and more unconfortable with too much Internet freedom? Why we need to act NOW against domestic surveillance? These, and other important questions are answered in the speech (which by the way starts at 3:20…)