It's official: I'm going to be speaking at LIFT10 conference

Well the title of this post is pretty much self-explanatory: I’m scheduled to be doing my “critical thinker” thing in front of a 1000-odd crowd of technoresearchersmediaexpertsventurepirates at Lift10 conference in Geneva on Thursday, May 6th, 2010. Let me give LiftLab’s own Nicolas Nova a big shout out for inviting me. The title of my

Cambridge researcher says free social use should prevail over copyright protection

Patricia Akester (University of Cambridge) undertook a project looking at the impact of technological measures on the ability of users to take advantage of the statutory exceptions to copyright. Based on a series of interviews with key organisations and individuals, involved in the use of copyright material and the development of DRM (Digital Rights Management),

What the Hell am I doing here #2: au Grand Palais

Pendant une heure, je suis resté sagement assis entre le Yann Arthus-Bertrand (absent de la photo parce qu’en retard), Jean-Pierre Doussin (avec qui je discute), Robert Kandel et le journaliste Philippe Petit (lequel a évidemment appris à animer les débats dans une école de dompteurs de lions ;)) J’ai exprimé mes opinions d’une manière calme

Signez le Pacte des Libertés Numériques contre la Hadopi

(Pour un complément d’information, lisez ce billet (eng)) Vous avez déjà échangé des œuvres? Vous avez déjà téléchargé des films, des tubes, mais aussi des œuvres rares, oubliées ou tombées dans le domaine public? Si tel est le cas, la loi Hadopi va bientôt faire de vous un PIRATE. Mais si, comme nous, et comme

March 28th 2008 is Download day: Opposition to French anti-piracy law rises

I dream of a cultural market that includes its customers, instead of suing them. So far, I have published a couple of books and a certain amount of articles and book chapters: a fair share of them have been put online for readers to download them for free. I didn’t do it, “pirates” did. Well,