Coming up this week: Lift10, Vases Communicants and more…

Dear all, just a quick note from Geneva, Switzerland, where the Lift 2010 Conference starts today. I’m going to be speaking on Thu, May 6th, at 3PM , Geneva Time. The reason I am so precise, is that my speech is going to be livecasted. So, if you are interested, and if you have nothing else to do, please just come back to Bodyspacesociety and follow me live on stage.

Alternatively, the video is going to be saved on Lift website, for your viewing pleasure. Of course, I’ll put my presentation online, in .ppt format as soon as possible.

On a whole other level, the month of May begins and here we are with another edition of Les Vases Communicants – this fascinating blog-swapping experience that will allow me to to be the guest-blogger on Corazonada (a bilingual visual studies research blog hosted on the French portal Culture Visuelle) and will have Gaby David (Lhivic, EHESS) post on Bodyspacesociety. Watch out for our posts, because we’ve been working like mad to produce something awesome.

Finally, this Saturday, I’m going to be visiting the CERN with Nicolas Nova (author of the book Les Médias Géolocalisés and blogging on Pasta and Vinegar). Just in case you forgot, the CERN is the place where, 20 years ago, an obscure British scientist going by the name of Tim Berners Lee invented a scrappy file transfer protocol called http. In other words, the place where the Web was invented. Nothing more nothing less. For someone like me, this is like Graceland, Tennessee, and the Mecca, all rolled into one (if I were, say, a muslim Elvis fan).

So see you there, and enjoy your week. Me, inch’Allah, I’m already enjoying mine. Wop-bop-a-loom-a-boom-bam-boom!