How to escape the data gulag: a visual novel about online distributed social networks

You’ve probably heard about the Freedom Box. Also, you have heard about Diaspora*. And sure as hell you have heard that a growing number of persons – and among them, little ol’ me – are becoming increasingly concerned about the centralization, manipulation, and expropriation of users data by Internet Behemoths. So by now you should be aware of the fact that a budding movement of freedom activists, scientists, and lawyers are working on valuable alternatives to the “data gulags” such as Google and Facebook. These alternatives are called distributed social networks. If you’ve never heard about those, here’s your chance to catch-up with the cool kids: an animated online comic novel explaining exactly what a distributed social network is and how you can create one. It is based on a project by computer scientist J. David Eisenberg and artists Sterling Gee and Bruce Mercado. Enjoy and please circulate widely.

Click to play What’s a Distributed Social Network?