[Video] Changing the Way AI is Represented in Media (Arte TV, 5 Dec. 2023)

Have you ever wondered why one of the most commonly used images to depict AI and ChatGPT involves a photomontage of a robotic finger touching a human one? Or why humanoid robots and religious references are often employed to portray a machine learning models? I address these questions in an interview featured on the European TV channel ARTE’s show “Le dessous des images” [Behind the Images].

Click here to watch the show (only for French IP).

The discussion kicks off with an image by the Thai artist Pop Nukoonrat, creator of the most downloaded photo on Getty Images’ iStock platform. I present alternative images that, in my opinion, better encapsulate the essence of AI. These include visuals referencing the Congolese lithium miners (crucial for smartphone and device batteries powering AI) and images from “Better Images for AI”, an image bank showcasing the presence of click workers training artificial intelligence.