How Digital Technologies Transformed Human Interactions (in Le Monde, Aug. 7, 2023)

In an article published by French newspaper ‘Le Monde’ titled “Les relations amicales à l’ère des réseaux sociaux” (Friendships in the Age of Social Networks), I was interviewed on how digital technologies have transformed the dynamics of human interactions, leading to continuous and publicized relationships on platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

This conversation comes in the wake of one of my older books, “Les Liaisons numériques. Vers une nouvelle sociabilité ?” (Digital Connections: Towards a New Sociability?, Editions du Seuil, 2010), that dealt with social media platforms targeting affluent Western teenagers and young adults, using vocabulary centered around friendship to attract and engage these demographic groups.

I discuss the fear of social isolation caused by digital technologies that emerged in the late 1990s, even though scientific studies at the time provided inconclusive evidence. Despite the limited quality of the findings, these studies were often cited by policymakers and media actors to support the notion that online relationships inevitably resulted in a decline in face-to-face interactions.

Read the full article on Le Monde: Les relations amicales à l’ère des réseaux sociaux