[Podcast] Platform Workers in the Digital Realm: New Interview on the Austrian National Radio (ORF1, 27 Oct. 2023)

On October 27, 2023, ORF1’s program “Matrix” on the the Austrian National Radio, featuring an excerpt from an interview with me. The topic of the program: the hidden world of digital platform workers. Titled Die unsichtbaren Plattform-Arbeiterinnen (The Invisible Platform Workers), the episode, authored by Julia Gindl and Sarah Kriesche, focused on the challenges faced by clickworkers and on-demand moderation personnel.

The episode exposed the less visible side of platform work, where individuals, often compensated per task, provide essential services through platforms like. Not only content moderation and data annotation, though. The program also focus on house cleaning services like betreut.at or haushaltshilfe24.at. I provided insights and evidence from my field research, focusing on the often-overlooked labor of clickworkers who contribute to the functioning of AI systems like ChatGPT and bots.