[Podcast] Extracting Data: My Interview in Historic Italian Independent Broadcaster (Radio Onda Rossa, Feb. 19, 2024)

I was interviewed by Radio Onda Rossa, one of the oldest independent Italian “free” radios. The name of the program was Entropia Massima (Maximum Entropy) and the topic was Data Extractivism, Artificial Intelligence, and work.

In the first part of the broadcast we review, with a series of examples, the role of AI in the world of work, including parcelization, piecework and exploitation in the Global South, debunking myths and exposing dangerous rhetoric.

In the second part, we analyze in particular the precarization of work with AI, click work, micro tasks, uberization, also in relation to the provision of free labor and data by web users in the Global North, which are then also used for AI training. We also introduce the need to redistribute the surplus resulting from the extreme increase in efficiency through the introduction of a universal citizenship income.

In the third part we try to talk about the future of work, the opportunities and limitations for a mobilization of workshops in the Global North and South, and the new challenges ahead.